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Findings Of SIPRI Yearbook 2022

Findings Of SIPRI Yearbook 2022:

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) launched the findings of SIPRI Yearbook 2022.

  • A key finding is that despite a marginal decrease in the number of nuclear warheads in 2021, nuclear arsenals are expected to grow over the coming decade.
  • Russia and the USA together possess over 90 per cent of all nuclear weapons.
  • India had 160 nuclear warheads as on January 2022 and it appears to be expanding its nuclear arsenal.
  • While India’s nuclear stockpile increased from 156 in January 2021 to 160 in January 2022, Pakistan’s nuclear stockpile has remained at 165.
  • China is in the middle of a substantial expansion of its nuclear weapon arsenal, which satellite images indicate includes the construction of over 300 new missile silos.
  • China had 350 nuclear warheads in January 2021 and 2022.