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Gender-Neutral School Textbooks

Gender-Neutral School Textbooks:

Kerala’s government is promoting gender neutrality by revamping school textbooks to depict men and other family members participating in domestic chores, breaking traditional gender stereotypes.

  • This initiative aims to foster inclusivity among children from an early age. New instructional materials, featuring fathers engaged in kitchen activities traditionally associated with women
  • The initiative to revamp school textbooks and promote gender-neutral education depicts several ethical values:
  • It Promotes gender equality by challenging traditional roles and stereotypes.
  • It Encourages an inclusive outlook by representing diverse family dynamics.
  • It Highlights the importance of shared household responsibilities.
  • Fosters respect for all genders by depicting men and women as equal contributors.
  • It Empowers children to question and reshape societal norms.
  • It Advocates for fair treatment and opportunities for all genders in both public and private spheres.