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Hallmark Unique Identification Number

Hallmark Unique Identification Number:

Bureau of India Standards (BIS) has prohibited the sale of hallmarked gold jewelry or gold artefacts without 6-digit alphanumeric Hallmark Unique Identification Number (HUID) after 31st March 2023.

  • Hallmarked jewelry lying with consumers as per old schemes shall remain valid.
  • Earlier, the old hallmarked jewelry with 4 marks without HUID was also permitted to be sold by the jewelers along with the 6-digit HUID mark.
  • A consumer can check and authenticate hallmarked gold jewelry items with HUID number using ‘verify HUID’ in BIS CARE app .
  • It provides information of the jeweler who got the article hallmarked, their registration number, purity of the article, type of article as well as details of hallmarking centre which test and hallmark the article.
  • Using this information, a common consumer can verify the article being purchased by matching it with article type as well as it’s purity.
  • Hallmarking is the accurate determination and official recording of the proportionate content of precious metal in precious metal articles.
  • Hallmarking scheme for Jewelry was started by BIS in the year 2000. In India, at present two precious metals namely gold and silver have been brought under the purview of Hallmarking.
  • However, Mandatory Hallmarking has been successfully implemented in 288 districts of the country with effect from 23 June 2021 by Hallmarking of Gold Jewellery and Gold Artefacts Order, 2022.
  • After introduction of 6-digit HUID in 2021, hallmark consisted of 3 marks viz, BIS logo, purity of the article and six-digit alphanumeric HUID. Each hallmarked article has unique HUID number which is traceable.