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Han Kuang Military Exercises 2022

Han Kuang Military Exercises 2022:

First stage of the Han Kuang Military Exercises was concluded recently and its second stage started on July 25, 2022. Second stage will run until July 29. The exercises involve all branches of Military of Taiwan.

During the Han Kuang Exercises;

  • A hostile enemy tried to seize control of key waterway near to capital of Taiwan.
  • Invading forces attacked from sea & air and target mouth of Tamsui River on northern coast of Taiwan.
  • Tamsui River is a strategic estuary which provides direct access to the centre of Taipei.
  • To answer the invading forces, Taiwan’s military scrabbled the Indigenous Defence Fighter (IDF) jets and tanks.
  • On the other hand, on ground troops blasted explosives to control their advancement.
  • In the year 2022, these exercises have a greater significance, due to increasing concerns over China’s intentions towards Taiwan.
  • Taiwan is a self-governing island. But the ruling Communist Party of China claims Taiwan as its territory.
  • These concerns have been further increased due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine because, China has not ruled out to use force to take over Taiwan.
  • Furthermore, China asks US take relevant actions in a bid to comply with China’s commitment of not supporting ‘Taiwan independence’.

About Han Kuang Exercise:

  • Han Kuang Exercise is the annual military exercise of all the branches of Taiwan’s military and its reserve forces in Taiwan, Kinmen, Penghu and Matsu.
  • It is being held since 1984. It is held to boost overall defence capabilities of the forces, in a bid to combat readiness during an attack from People’s Liberation Army of China.