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HARIT Aaykar Initiative

HARIT Aaykar Initiative:

HARIT Aaykar initiative recently launched by Income Tax Department for increasing greenery and creating micro forests

  • It was launched on the occasion of National Unity Day to increase greenery and create micro forests.
  • Under this initiative, the Income Tax Department resolves to increase the green cover by planting trees and creating micro-forests in and around Income Tax Department’s buildings and other public areas.
  • A micro-forest is a small, planted forest that maximises tree density and biodiversity.
  • The Miyawaki method, which was devised by Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki in the 1980s, is a technique to create micro forests over small plots of land.
  • Achieving this goal requires planting a wide variety of plants in a fairly dense manner so that the plot of land has different layers of a forest such as shrubs and canopies and not just trees.
  • Plants typically require anywhere between eight to nine months of care before reaching a point where the micro forest becomes self-sustaining.