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International Sugar Organisation

International Sugar Organisation:

India is hosting a global event in sugar sector ‘International Sugar Organisation (ISO) Council Meeting’ in New Delhi from 25th till 27th June, 2024.

  • International Sugar Organisation is an inter-governmental bodycompletely devoted to improving conditions in the world sugar market.
  • It was established in 1968 and it is also a UN affiliated body.
  • It has about 85 countries as members covering almost 90% of sugar production in the World.
  • It is mandated to bring major sugar producing, consuming and trading nations together to bring mutual understanding and progressive approach in dealing with issues pertaining to the sugar sector.
  • It has also been working on biofuels, especially ethanol as sugarcane is the second major feedstock for ethanol production in the world.
  • The ISO exists to administer the internationally negotiated 1992 International Sugar Agreement (ISA), the objectives of which are:
    • To ensure enhanced international cooperation in connection with world sugar matters and related issues.
    • To provide a forum for intergovernmental consultations on sugar and on ways to improve the world sugar economy.
    • To facilitate trade by collecting and providing information on the world sugar market and other sweeteners.
    • To encourage increased demand for sugar, particularly for non-traditional uses.
  • Headquarters: London