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Kavli Prize 2024

Kavli Prize 2024:

The winners of the 2024 Kavli Prize were announced on Wednesday. Eight winners were awarded for their contributions to astrophysics, neuroscience and nanoscience.

  • It is awarded in honour of Norwegian-American businessman and philanthropist Fred Kavli (1927-2013)
  • The Kavli Prizes are awarded in three areas: astrophysics, nanoscience and neuroscience — the largest, the smallest, and the most complex. The inaugural prize was announced in 2008.

Winners in 2024:

  • ASTROPHYSICS: This year’s prize for astrophysics has been awarded to David Charbonneau, and Sara Seager for discoveries of exoplanets, and the characterisation of their atmosphere.
  • NANOSCIENCE: Robert Langer, Armand Paul Alivisatos, and Chad Mirkin were given the prize for nanoscience for biomedical applications breakthroughs.
  • NEUROSCIENCE: The prize in neuroscience has been awarded to Nancy Kanwisher, Winrich Freiwald, and Doris Tsao for their collective effort over decades to map the linkage between facial recognition and the brain.