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Mughal Gardens Renamed As Amrit Udayan

Mughal Gardens Renamed As Amrit Udayan:

The Central Government has decided to rename the Mughal Gardens inside the Rashtrapati Bhavan as Amrit Udayan.

Features of Mughal gardens:

  • These are developed in Islamic architectural style by the Mughals in India and other countries.
  • These gardens are frequently seen as a place for relaxation and meditation.
  • This gardening design was influenced by Persian, namely the Charbagh structure.
  • Gardens are formal in style; symmetrically designed in rectangular or square
  • The garden area is divided into four plots by water channels.
  • These four channels represent four rivers of life.
  • The running water provides coolness and freshness to the garden.
  • The four plots are planted with trees, shrubs, etc.,
  • Mughal gardens are surrounded by a high, robust wall.
  • The wall’s summit is decorated with serrated battlements.