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Red Sprite

Red Sprite:

The European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut photographed an uncommon occurrence termed a red sprite.

  • Red sprite represents an extraordinary meteorological phenomenon categorized as a Transient Luminous Event (TLE).
  • Sprite is also an acronym for Stratospheric/mesospheric Perturbations resulting from Intense Thunderstorm Electrification.
  • Occasionally dubbed red lightning, it occurs above thunderclouds at altitudes between 40 and 80 kilometres (25 – 50 miles) above the Earth’s surface.
  • Lightning flashes normally go downward from the clouds to the ground.
  • A sprite goes in the other direction, going into the atmosphere, a bit like backwards lightning.
  • It happens incredibly quickly in about a millisecond which can make it tricky for scientists to capture and observe them.
  • Also, as the red sprites form above thunder clouds, they are not easily studied from Earth and are mostly seen from space.