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Kerala Lok Ayukta Act, 1999

Kerala Lok Ayukta Act, 1999:


The Kerala governor has signed the ordinance proposing amendments to the Kerala Lok Ayukta Act, 1999, that makes the agency’s orders not binding on the government.

Amendments to the Kerala Lok Ayukta Act, 1999:

  • The government can “either accept or reject the verdict of the Lokayukta, after giving an opportunity of being heard”.
  • Currently, under Section 14 of the Act, a public servant is required to vacate office if directed by the Lokayukta.
  • The amendments are being opposed for two reasons:
    • The changes are proposed through an ordinance and hence there was no proper discussions on the matter.
    • It violates the fundamental spirit of the central Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013.