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MagSafe Chargers

MagSafe Chargers:

There are a variety of power banks that are available online, but since the launch of MagSafe chargers from Apple, the industry has evolved.

  • MagSafe charger is a wireless charger/power bank that connects to the back of your wireless-compatible mobile phone to charge your phone in the easiest of ways.
  • It is equipped with either a 5,000 or a 10,000 mAh battery pack on the inside, which can be used as a power backup.
  • This type of charger uses the magnetic current present at the back of your mobile phone and the magnets on the MagSafe charger.
  • A good MagSafe charger is just like any other wireless power bank that attaches to your mobile phone and works as a power bank.
  • As with any other power bank, a MagSafe charger also needs to be charged.