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Manipuri Pony

Manipuri Pony:

Recognising the urgent need to save the Manipuri Pony, also known as the Meitei Sagol, the Government of Manipur has joined hands with various organisations and associations to take a host of decisions aimed at preventing it from vanishing into history.

  • The Meitei Sagol is one of the seven recognised horse and pony breeds of India.
  • The others include the Marwari Horse, the Kathiawari Horse, the Zanskari Pony, the Spiti Pony, the Bhutia Pony and the Kachhi-Sindhi Horse.
  • It is regarded as the original polo pony, as the traditional Sagol Kangjei sport of Manipur gave rise to modern polo.
  • The Manipuri Pony Conservation and Development Policy (MPCDP) was framed in 2016 to conserve the breed.
  • The population of the Manipuri Pony has been rapidly declining, from 1,898 animals in 2003 to only 1,089 in 2019, leading to the breed being declared endangered by the Manipur government in 2013.
  • The Manipuri Pony is known for its unique characteristics, such as stamina, agility, intelligence, speed, manoeuvrability, and adaptability to harsh climatic conditions.
  • The ponies are deeply embedded in the Manipuri way of life, being used in traditional events, and sports, and even serving as mounts for the Manipur Kingdom’s cavalry in the past.