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Manipur Thangjing Hills Dispute

Manipur Thangjing Hills Dispute:

The Manipur police have registered a zero First Information Report (FIR) based on a complaint from the Land Resources Department of the Manipur government, alleging that the name of the hills was changed from “Thangjing Ching” to “Thangting” without government approval.

  • The Thangjing Hill is of historical importance and has been declared a protected site by the Government of Manipur.
  • It is located in the buffer zone between Churachandpur and Bishnupur districts and is contested by Kukis and Meiteis for religious and cultural significance.
  • The Kuki-Zo people have always called it Thangting Hills and the Meitei people have always referred to it as Thangjing Ching or Thangjing Hills.
  • The conflict over the right to pray and worship on the hill range has escalated since the ethnic conflict between the Kuki-Zo and Meitei communities began in 2023.