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Mark 54 Anti-Submarine Torpedo

Mark 54 Anti-Submarine Torpedo:

India is going to sign a weapons deal with the United States to buy American weapons, including Mark 54 anti-submarine torpedoes.

  • Mark 54 Anti-Submarine Torpedo is the primary anti-submarine warfare weapon used by U.S. Navy surface ships, fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.
  • It was developed by Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems in collaboration with the US Navy.
  • It was previously known as Lightweight Hybrid Torpedo (LHT).
  • It is used in both deep and shallow waters, as well as in acoustic environments.
  • It is capable of tracking, classifying and attacking underwater targets.
  • The torpedo has a length of 2.71m, a diameter of 32.3cm and weight of 275.7kg.
  • The warhead carried by the weapon is high explosive and weighs 43.9kg.
  • It is powered by a reciprocating external combustion engine, which burns Otto II liquid fuel.
  • The propulsion system allows the torpedo to cruise at a speed of 74.1km per hour.
  • MK 54 torpedoes are equipped with processing algorithms that help them in detecting false targets or countermeasures and then hunt the identified threats.