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KRI Nanggala

KRI Nanggala:

The Indian Navy dispatched its deep submergence rescue vessel (DSRV) from Visakhapatnam to support the Indonesian Navy in the search and rescue efforts for its submarine KRI Nanggala that went missing with 53 personnel aboard.

  • KRI Nanggala (402) is a diesel-electric attack submarine of the Indonesian Navy, one of two Cakra-class submarines (Type 209 design).
  • On 21 April 2021, it went missing in deep waters during a SUT torpedo drill north of Bali.
  • The boat is named after the Nanggala, a divine and powerful short spear that was owned by Prabu Baladewa (the elder brother of Kresna), a recurring character in the wayang puppet theatre.
  • India is amongst the few countries in the world capable of undertaking the search and rescue of a disabled submarine through a DSRV.
  • Indian Navy’s DSRV system can locate a submarine up to 1,000-metre depth utilizing its state-of-the-art side-scan sonar and remotely operated vehicle.
  • After the submarine is successfully located, another sub-module of DSRV — the submarine rescue vehicle (SRV) — links with the submarine to rescue the trapped personnel. The SRV can also be used to provide emergency supplies to the submarine.