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New Study On Monkeypox : The Lancet

New Study On Monkeypox : The Lancet

A new study on monkeypox published in The Lancet suggests that some antiviral medications might have the potential to shorten symptoms and reduce the amount of time a patient is contagious.

  • The study documents patients’ response to two antiviral medications – brincidofovir and tecovirimat.
  • These were developed to treat smallpox, and have previously demonstrated some efficacy against monkeypox in animals.
  • The study found little evidence that brincidofovir was of clinical benefit, but concluded that further research into the potential of tecovirimat would be warranted.
  • Monkeypox, a rare disease, is caused by a virus that is a close relative of the smallpox virus. There are currently no licensed treatments.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that Monkeypox can be contained in countries outside of Africa where the virus is not usually detected.
  • According to media reports, more than 100 cases of the virus, which causes a rash and a fever have been confirmed in Europe, Americas, and Australia.
  • The virus is most common in remote parts of Central and West Africa.

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