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Oran land

Oran land:

Residents from around 40 villages of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan have walked 225 kilometers to protect community-conserved sacred spaces known as ‘orans’.

  • Currently, the biodiversity hotspots are classified as wastelands.
  • The current categorization is causing a loss of biodiversity and is affecting the livelihood of the locals in the area, as huge chunks of land are being allotted for setting up solar plants.
  • Thus need to recategorize the area as ‘oran land’.
  • The orans are among the last natural habitats of the great Indian bustard
  • The open stretch of land, which receives long hours of sunlight and brisk winds, has become a hub of green energy with windmills and solar photovoltaic dotting
  • There are other orans like Mokla, Salkha, Kemde, which also spread across several hectares but are listed as wastelands
  • These orans are hotspots of biodiversity with trees and flowers like rohida, bordi, kumbhat, and desi babool in large numbers.