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Planetary Alignment

Planetary Alignment:

On June 3, there will be planetary alignments that may actually allow people to witness six planets align in the sky.

  • Planetary alignment  is a term used to describe the positioning of planets in the solar system such that they appear to be in a straight line or close to one when viewed from a specific vantage point, for us that’s Earth.
  • This phenomenon is more an illusion of perspective rather than the planets being in a perfect line in space.
  • Aligning planets: Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune will form a near-straight line.
  • While six planets align, not all of them will be visible to the naked eye, due to their vast distance from Earth.
  • Meanwhile, the Moon will also play a spoilsport as it distorts the visibility.
  • Mercury and Jupiter will be tricky to see in the sky due to their proximity to the Sun in their orbit.
  • However, Mars and Saturn will be visible to the naked eye, though very dim.
  • Meanwhile, keen observers will need telescopes or high-powered binoculars to spot the distant planets Uranus and Neptune.