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Sago : GI Tag

Salem sago : GI Tag

The Geographical Indication (GI) tag has been granted to Salem Sago (Javvarisi), which is expected to facilitate its entry into the international market.

  • Sago (also called Sabu dana) is a pearl-white product made from raw tapiocas, appearing as small hard globules or pearls.
    Tapioca cultivation is significant in Tamil Nadu.
  • Sago production originated in Salem district, which serves as the primary hub for sago production in India, initially on a cottage-scale basis.
  • It is produced from wet starch powder obtained from crushed tapioca roots.
  • The wet starch powder is used to manufacture sago, while the dry powder is utilized as a raw material in various industrial applications.
  • Salem Sago has historical significance as it was used as a food source during severe droughts in the Travancore Kingdom.