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SMILE Scheme

Central Sector Scheme: SMILE


The Department of Social Justice & Empowerment is launching the Central Sector scheme “SMILE: Support for Marginalised Individuals for Livelihood and Enterprise” at BHIM Auditorium, Dr. Ambedkar International Centre, New Delhi.

  • This umbrella scheme is designed to provide welfare measures to the Transgender community and the people engaged in the act of begging.
  • This scheme includes two sub-schemes:
    • Central Sector Scheme for Comprehensive Rehabilitation for Welfare of Transgender Persons’ and
    • Central Sector Scheme for Comprehensive Rehabilitation of persons engaged in the act of Begging’.
  • The scheme strengthens and expands the reach of the Rights that give the targeted group the necessary legal protection and a promise to a secured life.
  • It keeps in mind the social security that is needed through multiple dimensions of identity, medical care, education, occupational opportunities and shelter.
  • The Ministry has allocated Rs. 365 Crore for the scheme from 2021-22 to 2025-26.