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C-Dome :

Israel for the first time deployed its ship-mounted defence system, called the C-Dome.

  • C-Dome is a naval version of Israel’s Iron Dome air defence system, used to shield against rocket and missile attacks.
  • The Iron Dome, which was activated in 2011 and has an effectiveness of about 90%, works by using radars to detect short-range rockets before destroying them with its own missiles.
  • The C-Dome, which was first unveiled in 2014, declared operational in 2022,works similarly to the Iron Dome, using some of the same technology, except that it’s mounted on ships.
  • It is mounted on Sa’ar 6-class corvettes, German-made warships, and uses the same interceptor as the Iron Dome.
  • Unlike the Iron Dome, which has its own dedicated radar, the C-Dome is integrated into the ship’s radar to detect incoming targets.
  • C-Dome ensures full-circular vessel protection and high kill probability against a full spectrum of modern threats—maritime and coastal.
  • Iron Dome is Israel’s air missile defense system that can defend against short-range rockets, intercepting them in the air above the state.
  • It is capable of successfully handling multiple rockets at a time.
  • Developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries, the system became operational in 2011.