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Tripura’s Matabari Pera And Pachra Receive GI Tag

Tripura’s Matabari Pera And Pachra Receive GI Tag:

The Tripura Chief Minister announced that two traditional items from the state, Matabari Pera and Pachra, have been honoured with the Geographical Indication (GI) tag marking a significant milestone for local artisans and weavers.

  • Matabari Pera, a dairy-based confectionery that served as prasad at the Tripurasundari temple, and Pachra, a handwoven cloth used by Indigenous communities, have been recognised with the prestigious GI tag.
  • The GI tag ensures legal protection against unauthorised imitation or misuse of the product, safeguarding its authenticity and preserving the cultural heritage associated with it.
  • This recognition also facilitates market access and promotion, both domestically and internationally, fostering economic opportunities for local communities involved in its production.
  • Tripura’s iconic queen pineapple was previously honoured with the GI tag, along with 13 other products from the Northeast, highlighting the region’s diverse and unique offerings.