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UNFPA State Of World Population Report

UNFPA State Of World Population Report:

The United Nations Population Fund’s (UNFPA) State of World Population – 2024 report revealed that India’s population is estimated to double in 77 years.

  • India leads globally with an estimated population of 1.44 billion, followed by China at 1.425 billion.
  • India’s population was recorded at 1.21 billion during the last census, conducted in 2011.
  • The report revealed that 24% were aged 0-14, 17% aged 10-19, and 26% aged 10-24. 68% aged 15-64, and 7% aged 65 and above.
  • Men have a life expectancy of 71 years and women 74 years.
  • The report also highlighted that 30 years of India’s progress in sexual and reproductive health has largely ignored the most marginalised communities globally. It noted that the percentage of child marriage in India was at 23% between 2006-2023.
  • Maternal deaths in India have significantly decreased, making up 8% of global maternal fatalities.
  • The report highlights that Maternal mortality is high among indigenous groups. Women with disabilities are more vulnerable to gender-based violence.
  • Vulnerable groups face greater sexual and reproductive health risks, exacerbated by factors like climate change and caste-based discrimination.