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Green Fins Hub

Green Fins Hub:

The United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), along with the UK-based charity Reef-World Foundation, launched the Green Fins Hub.

  • Green Fins Hub is a global digital platform for diving and snorkeling operators worldwide.
  • Green Fins is a proven conservation management approach implemented internationally by The Reef-World Foundation and the UNEP which leads to a measurable reduction in the negative environmental impacts associated with marine tourism.
  • Originally established in Thailand in 2004, the Green Fins approach is a tool for supporting adoption and implementation of best practices in the diving and snorkeling tourism industry.
  • It aims to protect coral reefs through environment-friendly guidelines promoting sustainable diving and snorkelling.
  • It provides the only internationally recognised environmental standards for marine tourism and its robust assessment system measures compliance.

Green Fins Hub:

  • The Green Fins Hub is the first-ever global marine tourism industry platform.
  • It would give sustainable marine tourism a ‘major boost’.
  • It is expected to scale up to reach a potential 30,000 operators worldwide from about 700 operators across 14 countries.