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Unity 22 Mission

“Unity 22” Mission:”:

Unity 22” will be Virgin Galactic’s next rocket-powered test flight of its SpaceShip- VSS Unity.

  • As part of the mission, the crew will be flying to the edge of space on July 11 on board the ‘Unity’ rocket ship developed by Virgin Galactic.
  • This will be the 22nd mission for VSS Unity.
  • This will be Virgin Galactic’s fourth crewed spaceflight.
  • It will also be the first to carry a full crew of two pilots and four mission specialists in the cabin, including Virgin Group Founder Richard Branson, who will be testing out the private astronaut experience.
  • Objectives of the mission:
    • Unity 22 will focus on testing the cabin and customer experience.
  • Currently, two additional test flights remain before the Virgin Galactic plans to commence commercial service in 2022.