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Viktor Orban: Hungary’s New Prime Minister

Viktor Orban: Hungary’s New Prime Minister

Viktor Orban has again been elected as the Prime Minister of Hungary for the fourth time. He won the 4th term by a huge margin more than what was predicted in the pre-election polls.

  • After the win, he addressed a jubilant crowd who were chanting his name.
  • Many people in the gathering wore the orange party colour of Fidesz, the party of Viktor Orban.
  • He is the longest-serving head of a government in the European Union.
  • Six oppositions united to challenge him in this election and they were seeking to roll back the illiberal policies of Orban’s.
  • The opposition claimed that the vote was unfair as they were all banished from the state media.
  • Orban however said that the elections were conducted in a fair manner.
  • Over 200 international observers monitored the Hungary elections along with thousands of volunteers from both electoral camps.
  • 69 percent was the turnout for this year’s election.

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