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Why Neptune And Uranus Appear In different Colours?

Why Neptune And Uranus Appear In different Colours?

Astronomers now have an explanation for why Neptune and Uranus appear in different colours.

  • Neptune and Uranus have much in common — they have similar masses, sizes, and atmospheric compositions — yet their appearances are in different shades of blue.
  • At visible wavelengths, Neptune is a rich, deep azure hue, while Uranus is a distinctly pale shade of cyan.
  • The reason is that the haze around Uranus is thicker than that around Neptune.
  • Uranus’s stagnant, sluggish atmosphere makes it appear a lighter tone than Neptune.
  • If there was no haze in the atmospheres of Neptune and Uranus, both would appear almost equally blue as a result of blue light being scattered in their atmospheres.

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