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Pusa Farm Sun Fridge (Pusa-FSF)

Pusa Farm Sun Fridge (Pusa-FSF):

Scientists from the ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) have developed an on-farm green energy refrigeration system (Pusa-FSF) and technology for the extraction of gluten from the wheat dough and its regeneration in bajra (pearl millet) and makka (maize) flour.


  • Pusa Farm Sun Fridge (Pusa-FSF) is a 100% solar-powered battery-less cold store that can preserve around 2 tonnes of freshly-harvested produce at 3-4°C during the day and 8-12°C at nighttime.
  • It has rooftop solar panels that generate 5 kilowatt (KW) power, which helps in running air conditioning.
  • The panels also power a 105-watt submersible pump circulating about 1,000 litres of water from a tank through overhead PVC pipes.
  • At night, there is only passive evaporative cooling, with the water chilled during the day acting as a natural heat sink.
  • All farmers with solar pumps are a potential market for the Pusa-FSF. India has an estimated four lakh-plus installed solar water pumps.
  • An average 5-horsepower pump costing Rs. 2.5 lakh attracts 70-90% subsidy.


  • Farmers can store and preserve their own produce. It can avoid distress sales and help improve prices.
  • It will help minimize post-harvest losses.
  • More room to grow perishable items such as tomatoes, fruits, other than Paddy and Maize.