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2023 Water Conference

2023 Water Conference:

In the United Nations, the 2023 Water Conference was held in New York on March 22-24 in which participant members were informed about W12+ Blueprint and its potential.

  • W12+ Blueprint is a UNESCO platform that hosts city profiles and case studies of programs, technologies, and policies that address common water security challenges.
  • It is an informational database for solutions to urban water challenges.
  • Aim is to create a tool that provides insight into how to address common urban water challenges through easy-to-read case studies.
  • Lessons learned from the other W12+ Programs will be incorporated and highlighted within the Blueprint.
  • It will house information on best practices, encourage further knowledge exchange, and become a “virtual Hub” for urban water security solutions globally.
  • Cities listed under this blueprint from India are Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Pune.
  • The water conference brings together people from different countries and organizations to work together on solving global water challenges.
  • Water problems are usually local, but by working together, countries can learn from each other, share technology, and invest in solutions.
  • The UN 2023 Water Conference’s theme, “Our watershed moment: uniting the world for water,” aimed to support the achievement of water-related global goals and objectives, including those enumerated in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.