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Agreement On Disengagement In The Pangong Lake : Keypoints

Agreement On Disengagement In The Pangong Lake:

India and China have reached an agreement on disengagement in the Pangong lake area to cease their forward deployments in a phased, coordinated, and verified manner.

As per the agreement:

  • The Chinese side will keep its troop presence in the North Bank area to the east of Finger 8.
  • Reciprocally, the Indian troops will be based at their permanent base at Dhan Singh Thapa Post near Finger 3.
  • Similar action would be taken in the South Bank area by both sides.
  • Any structures that had been built by both sides since April 2020 will be removed and the landforms restored.
  • Both sides have agreed on a temporary moratorium on military activities in the North Bank, including patrolling in the traditional areas.