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Arrow-3 Missile Defence System

Arrow-3 Missile Defence System:

Israel recently confirmed that it used its sophisticated Arrow 3 missile interceptor against Iran-backed Houthi rebels.

  • Arrow-3 Missile Defence System is an exo-atmospheric anti-ballistic missile defence system for long-range threat engagement.
  • The missile was jointly developed by Israel Aerospace Industries and the Missile Defence Agency in the US.
  • Initially deployed in 2017, Arrow-3 is the top layer of Israel’s sophisticated air-defense network.
  • It is designed to take out ballistic missiles while they are still outside of the atmosphere.
  • It uses two-stage solid-fueled interceptors to engage short- and medium-range ballistic missiles and consists of a launcher, radar, and battle management system.
  • It provides a range of 2,400km and can intercept threats at an altitude of 100km.
  • It has early warning and fire control radar. It provides extended-range acquisition as well as multi-target acquisition and tracking capabilities.
  • It uses hit-to-kill technology to destroy incoming missiles.
  • The missile is launched vertically, and then the direction is changed towards the estimated interception point.
  • The high-resolution electro-optical sensor acquires the target for the kill vehicle to hit the target and destroy the warhead.