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AsterX : France’s First Space Military Exercise

AsterX: France’s First Space Military Exercise:

Amid the growing competition among the world powers in the field of space, France has begun its first space military exercises to test its ability to defend its satellites.

  • The exercise drills are codenamed “AsterX” to commemorate the first French satellite Asterix from 1965.
  • The exercises are part of France’s strategy to become the world’s third-largest space power, after the USA and China.
  • These space military exercises are the first-ever attempt not only for the French army but also for Europe.
  • Moreover, France has planned to develop anti-satellite laser weapons and to strengthen surveillance capabilities to close the gap with rivals; China and Russia.
  • Aim of the Exercise:
    • To monitor a potentially dangerous space object as well as threats to its own satellite from another foreign power possessing a considerable space force.
  • Participants: Along with France, the new US Space Force and German space agencies are taking part in the exercises.