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AXIOM MISSION 1 (AX 1): First Entirely Private Orbital Space Mission


A former Israeli fighter pilot, an American technology entrepreneur, and a Canadian investor will be part of the crew of the first entirely-private orbital space mission.

  • The three men are paying $55 million each to fly aboard a SpaceX rocket for an eight-day visit to the International Space Station, organized by Houston-based spaceflight firm Axiom.
  • The Axiom Mission 1 (AX 1) flight is being arranged under a commercial agreement with NASA.
  • The mission will be led by former NASA astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria, who now works for Axiom space.
  • While private citizens have traveled to space before, the AX 1 mission will be the first to use a commercially built spacecraft, the SpaceX Dragon 2, best known for flying its first two crews to the ISS late last year.
  • Private civilians have travelled to the space station beforealso.
  • Since 2001, Russia has been selling rides to the ISS to wealthy businessmen around the world.
  • They traveled onboard the Russian Soyuz aircraft along with professional cosmonauts and NASA astronauts.