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Boeing, NASA Set Starliner Launch

Boeing, NASA Set Starliner Launch:

The launch was supposed to happen from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center, but a problem with the computer system on the ground stopped the process.

  • The Starliner was supposed to take off on June 01, but a computer on the ground sent an automated abort order that stopped the countdown.
  • NASA quickly found that the problem was caused by a problem with a chassis’s ground power source. This frame gives power to some computer cards that are needed to run different parts of the system.
  • Boeing’s first trip with people on board to the International Space Station (ISS) on the CST-200 Starliner makes the mission very important.
  • This is a big step for Boeing toward getting a bigger share of NASA’s space research projects.
  • Right now, SpaceX is in charge of this area.
  • Starliner’s successful docking to the ISS, which is due to happen about 24 hours after launch, will be a key moment in showing that it can be used for manned space missions.