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Gudleppa Hallikeri Award 2024

Gudleppa Hallikeri Award 2024:

Poet and playwright Siddhalinga Pattanashetti has been announced as the recipient of the Gudleppa Hallikeri Award for 2024.

  • This declaration was made by the Gudleppa Hallikeri Memorial Foundation based in Hosaritti, Haveri District.
  • The award, set to be presented on June 6 at a ceremonial event, includes a monetary prize of ₹25,000 and a memento.
  • Siddhalinga Pattanashetti becomes the 19th distinguished individual to receive this honour, as stated by Veeranna Chekki, trustee of the Gudleppa Hallikeri Memorial Foundation.
  • People who have made important contributions to literature, society, or social service are recognized with the Gudleppa Hallikeri Award.
  • It was named for a famous freedom fighter named Gudleppa Hallikeri who believed in the same things that Mahatma Gandhi did.