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Burmagomphus Chaukulensis : Rare Dragonfly

Burmagomphus Chaukulensis : Rare Dragonfly

A rare dragonfly, Burmagomphus chaukulensis was spotted in Kerala.

  • Earlier, a new species of dragonfly ‘Platygomphus benritarum’ was discovered in Assam.
  • This is a dragonfly of genus Burmagomphus, which is represented by three species – B. Cauvericus, B. Pyramidalis and B. Laidlawi.
  • While B. laidlawi is found throughout the Western Ghats,
  • B. cauvericus is more restricted in its distribution.
  • B. pyramidalis is found in the Western Ghats as well as in Peninsular India.
  • All other species of the genus are found in the Western and Eastern Himalayas.
  • The new species can be separated from its congeners by the markings on the lateral thorax and peculiar shape of anal appendages.
  • This species is known to be endemic to the Western Ghats.

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