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Cinematograph (Certification) Rules, 2024

Cinematograph (Certification) Rules, 2024:


The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has introduced the Cinematograph (Certification) Rules, 2024, replacing the outdated 1983 rules, in accordance with the Cinematograph (Amendment) Act, 2023.

  • The Cinematograph (Amendment) Act of 2023 amended the Cinematograph Act of 1952, which governs the certification, exhibition, and censorship of films in India.
  • The rules aim to keep pace with emerging technologies and advancements in the film sector to ensure relevance and effectiveness.
  • The rules have undergone a comprehensive revision to align with online certification processes, ensuring enhanced transparency, efficiency, and ease of doing business for the film industry.
  • Time-lines for film certification processing have been reduced, with the adoption of complete digital processes to eliminate all transactional delays.
  • Movies and feature films are required to incorporate accessibility features for certification, making them inclusive for disabled persons as per the stipulated guidelines.
  • The existing UA (Universal Adult) category has been further subdivided into three age-based categories: UA 7+, UA 13+, and UA 16+.
  • These age-based markers serve as recommendations for parents or guardians to determine whether the film is suitable for their children, promoting age-appropriate content consumption.
  • The rules stipulate greater representation of women in the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) Board and Advisory Panels, with one-third of the members in the Board and preferably half being women.
  • Provision for priority screening of films has been introduced to expedite the certification process, particularly for filmmakers facing urgent commitments related to film releases.
  • The restriction on the validity of certificates for only 10 years has been removed, ensuring the perpetual validity of certificates issued by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC).
  • Edited films intended for television broadcast are required to undergo recertification, allowing only films with Unrestricted Public Exhibition category certification to be shown on television.