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Cyclone Hidaya

Cyclone Hidaya:

A severe storm named Cyclone Hidaya is set to hit the coast of Tanzania near Dar es Salaam from the Indian Ocean.

  • Cyclone Hidaya (Guidance in Arabic), may bring heavy rain and strong winds to regions in Tanzania like Tanga, Morogoro, the islands of Unguja and Pemba.
  • It formed over the South Indian Ocean and was named by France’s overseas tertiary in the Indian Ocean.
  • Even though Kenya is usually considered safe from cyclones, now it is preparing for the impact of Cyclone Hidaya.
  • Kenya falls within the latitude of 4° North and South and is considered safe from cyclones because they typically don’t form within 5 degrees of the equator due to the weak Coriolis force there, which is necessary for creating cyclones.
  • Tropical cyclones usually develop in areas between 5° and 30° North or South of the equator.
  • Kenya now faces the possibility of being impacted by Cyclone Hidaya.