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Direct Seeded Rice

Direct Seeded Rice:

ICAR has commercialised herbicide-tolerant (Ht) basmati rice varieties that can control weeds

  • Direct Seeded Rice (DSR) is a modern rice cultivation technique where rice seeds are directly sown into the field, replacing the traditional method of transplanting seedlings from a nursery.
  • It is an efficient, and sustainable method of rice cultivation that offers significant benefits for farmers, the environment, and the economy.
  • ICAR commercialised non-genetically modified (non-GM) Ht basmati rice. These varieties allow direct application of the herbicide Imazethapyr due to a mutated ALS gene.
  • Research indicates that hand weeding at specific intervals (20 and 40 days after sowing) in DSR is more effective and yield-enhancing than the use of Imazethapyr.
  • ICAR’s research favours eco-friendly hand weeding over repeated herbicide applications for weed control and higher seed yield.
  • Herbicide-resistant weeds may evolve, threatening rice production and food security.