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Direct-Seeded Rice

Direct-Seeded Rice:

The state of Punjab was unable to achieve its target in the water-saving method (direct-seeded rice).

  • Direct Seeded Rice(DSR), also known as the ‘broadcasting seed technique,’ is a water-saving method of sowing paddy.
  • In this method, seeds are directly drilled into the fields.
  • In contrast to the traditional water-intensive method of transplanting rice seedlings from a nursery to waterlogged fields, this method saves groundwater.
  • There is no nursery preparation or transplantation involved in this method.
  • Farmers have to only level their land and give one pre-sowing irrigation.

Advantages of DSR:

  • DSR can solve labour shortage problems because like the traditional method it does not require a paddy nursery and transplantation of 30 days old paddy nursery into the main puddled field.
  • It offers avenues for ground water recharge as it prevents the development of hard crust just beneath the plough layer due to puddled transplanting.
  • It matures 7-10 days earlier than the puddle transplanted crop, therefore giving more time for management of paddy straw.
    Increase in Yield:
  • According to the results from research trials and farmers’ field survey, after this technique the yield is one to two quintals per acre higher than puddled transplanted rice