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Draft National Data Governance Framework Policy

Draft National Data Governance Framework Policy:

The Minister of State, Electronics & Information Technology and Skill Development & Entrepreneurship highlighted the rapid digitalization and the subsequent rise in data volumes necessitating a framework for harnessing the potential of this data.

  • Government’s vision is to build a modern framework for Data Governance that will be a kinetic enabler of India’s Digital Economy.

Draft National Data Governance Framework Policy:

  • Indian Datasets programme: It calls for the creation of an India Datasets programme, which will consist of non-personal and anonymised datasets from Central government entities that have collected data from Indian citizens or those in India.
  • Private companies will be “encouraged” to share such data.
  • The non-personal data housed within this programme would be accessible to start ups and Indian researchers(Non-personal data is any set of data which does not contain personally identifiable information).
  • India Data Management Office (IDMO): The draft also calls for creation of an India Data Management Office (IDMO), which will be in charge of designing and managing the India Datasets platform.
  • The IDMO will prescribe rules and standards, including anonymization standards for all entities (government and private).
  • For purposes of safety and trust, any non-personal data sharing by any entity can be only via platforms designated and authorized by IDMO.
  • No Selling of Data: The most significant change in this new draft is the omission of the most contentious provision in the old draft — selling data collected at the Central level in the open market.