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e-Chhawani Portal Launched : For Cantonment Areas

e-Chhawani Portal Launched:

The Defence Minister of India, Rajnath Singh, has launched the e-Chhawani portal

  • With the launch of this portal, the residents of Cantonment areas can now register their complaints with respect to civic issues.
  • The portal would also help in resolving the complaints regarding the civic issues from home.
  • This portal will work with the objective of refining the system and improving the Ease of Living for people.
  • The e-Chhawani project was launched with the aim of providing online municipal services for more than 20 lakh citizens.
  • The services would be provided across 62 Cantonment Boards using the multi-tenancy central platform.
  • The portal can be used to fill online application for renewal of leases and for getting the online registration of births and deaths.
  • It can also be used to fill online applications for water and sewerage connections in a simpler manner.
    Cantonment Board
  • The cantonment board is a civic administration body.
  • It functions under the Ministry of Defence in India.
  • The board is constituted of the elected members, ex-officio members, and nominated members in accordance with the Cantonments Act, 2006.

The cantonments are categorized into four categories:

  • Category I – where the population exceeds 50,000.
  • Category II –where the population stands between 10,000 to 50,000.
  • Category III – where the population stands between 2500 to 10000
  • Category IV – where the population stands below 2500.