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E3 Certifications Programme : Brick Manufacturing Sector

“Energy Efficiency Enterprise (E3) Certifications Programme For The Brick Manufacturing Sector”.:

The Ministry of Power has launched the “Energy Efficiency Enterprise (E3) Certifications Programme for the Brick Manufacturing Sector”.

  • The E3 Certification Scheme is aimed at tapping huge energy efficiency potential in this sector.

About the Energy Efficiency Enterprise (E3) Certifications Programme:

  • E3 certification is an accreditation process focused on the Brick industry. The certification will be provided by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE).
  • It is an initiative to recognize burnt clay brick manufacturers who adopt energy-efficient manufacturing and encourage customers to source bricks from such E3 certified manufacturing units.
  • It will be awarded to Brick Manufacturing Enterprises that meet the minimum Specific Energy Consumption (SECVol) performance criteria specified in the Scheme.
  • It is a shift from conventional to efficient technologies and product shift towards low-density bricks with better thermal insulation.
  • The adoption of the E3 Certification is currently voluntary for the Brick industry.

Brick Manufacturing Sector:

  • Contribution in GDP: The brick sector contributes nearly 0.7% to the country’s GDP, offers seasonal employment generation to over 1 crore workers, and has a strong influence on other economic sectors such as transportation and construction.
  • Market Size: India is the world’s second-largest producer of bricks and this demand is expected to multiply three to four times over the next 20 years, through the E3 Certification program.
  • Energy Consumption: The brick manufacturing industry consumes about 45-50 million tonnes of coal equivalent annually, amounting to 5-15% of the total energy consumption in the country.
  • The brick sector has the second-largest potential for energy efficiency amongst the Indian industrial sector after steel and more than cement.