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Exercise Vajra Prahar 2022

Exercise Vajra Prahar 2022:

India – USA Joint Special Forces conducted the 13th edition of exercise Vajra Prahar 2022 culminated at Bakloh (Himachal Pradesh).

  • It’s an annual exercise is hosted alternatively between Special Forces India and the United States.
  • Special Forces are the units of a country’s armed forces that undertake covert, counterterrorist, and other specialized operations.
  • The 21-day joint training provided an opportunity for the Special Forces from both nations to train in Air Borne Operations, Special Operations and Counter Terrorism operations in a joint environment under United Nations Charter.
  • It was conducted in two phases;
    • The first phase involved combat conditioning and tactical level special missions training exercises,
    • The second phase included 48 hours of validation of training received by both contingents in the first phase.