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Global Food Regulators Summit 2023

Global Food Regulators Summit 2023:

Delhi is all set to host the Global Food Regulators Summit 2023

  • First time this prestigious event will take place in the Indian capital.
  • The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is at the helm of organizing this significant gathering.
  • Scheduled for July 20-21, 2023, the summit aims to bring together food regulators from over 40 countries and representatives from 30 international organizations.
  • The Global Food Regulators Summit 2023 will serve as a platform for food regulators from various countries to come together, share knowledge, and exchange best practices.
  • With participation from over 40 countries, the summit promises to foster collaborative efforts in enhancing food safety standards worldwide.
  • A Global Theme : The theme of the summit, “One Earth, One Family, One Future,” aligns perfectly with India’s G20 Presidency.
  • This theme highlights the importance of global unity and cooperation in addressing the challenges and opportunities surrounding food safety.
  • Initiative that will be introduced at the summit is the SaNGRAH platform (Safe food for Nations: Global Food Regulatory Authorities Handbook).
  • The summit will also witness the launch of a Common Digital Dashboard, a unified IT portal that will provide comprehensive information on food safety standards, regulations, notifications, advisories, guidelines, contamination limits, and the latest developments by Food Regulators in India.