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Chachin Grazing Festival

Chachin Grazing Festival:

The Chachin Grazing Festival recently took place in the Tawang region.

  • This two-day event held at Chachin brought together local graziers from all over the region to celebrate their traditional occupation and honor their cultural heritage.
  • The Monpa lifestyle, deeply rooted in the region, revolves around nomadic herding.
  • The graziers depend on this primitive form of subsistence farming to sustain their livelihoods.
  • Throughout history, the Chachin and adjacent grazing regions in close proximity to Bumla Pass have played a crucial role in supporting and sustaining the traditional way of life of the local Monpa community.
  • During the festival, several initiatives were undertaken to support the local graziers.
  • A medical camp was set up to provide essential healthcare services to the graziers, who often reside in remote areas lacking access to urban medical facilities.
  • A veterinary camp was organized to ensure the well-being of the yaks, the livestock of the graziers.
  • A lecture on animal health aimed to equip the graziers with knowledge for better livestock care.