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Global Land Outlook Report

Global Land Outlook Report:

According to the 2nd edition of the Global Land Outlook (GLO) report, humans have breached four out of nine planetary boundaries.

  • GLO is a United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification’s (UNCCD) flagship publication, whose 1st edition was launched in 2017 at the UNCCD COP13 (China).
  • It underscores land system challenges, showcases transformative policies and practices, and points to cost-effective athways to scale up sustainable land and water management.

Highlipghts of the report:

  • It is the operative link between biodiversity loss and climate change, which means restoring land is crucial for solving interconnected crises.
  • Planetary boundaries are the environmental thresholds that establish a “safe operating space for humanity”
  • Humans have already altered more than 70% of the earth’s land area from its natural state.
  • Of the 9 planetary boundaries, climate change, biodiversity loss, land-use change, and geochemical cycles have already been exceeded.