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Guar Gum: Biodegradable Polymer

New Biodegradable Polymer:

Scientists have developed a New biodegradable polymer, using Guar Gum, and Chitosan, which has high potential for packaging material.

  • It is a guar gum-chitosan composite film which is a cross-linked polysaccharide developed with the help of solution casting method (a simple technique to make polymer films). It overcomes the challenges of polysaccharides.
  • Polysaccharides is one of the biopolymers with high potential for use in synthesis of packaging material.
  • However, due to some drawbacks of polysaccharides, such as low mechanical properties, high water-solubility, and low barrier properties, they are not preferred.
  • Guar Gum, and Chitosan are polysaccharides extracted from guar beans and shells of crab and shrimps.
  • Properties of the Film:
    • High water stability, high mechanical strength as well as excellent resistance towards harsh environmental conditions.
    • The fabricated cross-linked film is not easily soluble in water. As per scientists, it did not dissolve even after 240 hours.
    • It is highly water repellent or hydrophobic because of its high contact angle of 92.8º.
    • Water vapor permeability is low as compared to the film made only from chitosan.
    • Vapour permeability is a material’s ability to allow a vapour (such as water vapour or, indeed any gas) to pass through it.