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Indira Gandhi Zoological Park : Animal Exchange Programme

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park : Animal Exchange Programme

The Indira Gandhi Zoological Park (IGZP) , got two new species from Warangal Zoo as part of an animal exchange programme.

  • As part of the exchange, the IGZP has received Mouse Deer (1 male, 2 female) and Chowsinga (four Horned antelope) (1 male, 2 female). In return, the zoo is sparing hog deer (1 male, 2 female), barking deer (1 male, 2 female) and Lutino Parakeets (1 male, 2 female)

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park (IGZP):-

  • Located in Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh.
  • The construction for this ex-situ facility started in the very year 1972 when Wildlife Protection Act of this country came into existence.
  • It was opened to public on 19th May, 1977.
  • It is surrounded by beautiful and scenic hills of Eastern Ghats on three sides and the Bay of Bengal on the fourth side.
  • Being a Large category Zoo recognized by the Central Zoo Authority it houses 843 number of animals like mammals, carnivores, lesser carnivores, canids, ungulates, reptiles, birds and butterflies belonging to 123 species in a natural ambience.
  • This place is also home to many free-ranging animals and birds owing to its existence in a forest area close to Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary.