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Indrajaal : India’s First Indigenous Drone Defence Dome

India’s First Indigenous Drone Defence Dome : “Indrajaal”.

Hyderabad-based technology R&D firm Grene Robotics has designed and developed India’s first indigenous drone defence dome called “Indrajaal”.

  • The drone defence dome has the capability to autonomously protect an area of 1000-2000 sq km against the aerial threats by assessing and acting on aerial threats such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), loitering munitions, and Low- Radar Cross Section (RCS) targets.
  • The ANTI-UAV systems will not only provide protection to defence bases but it will be beneficial for linear infrastructures like international borders against advanced weaponry.
  • Salient features of Indrajaal
    • Real-time situational awareness
    • Integrated and Intelligent meshed network
    • Integrated all current weapons suite and infrastructure
    • Honeycombed cell structure for seamlessly built
    • Synergic combination of 9-10 technologies
    • 24×7 persistent and autonomous monitoring, action and tracking
  • The path-breaking development is imperative because manual weapons and point-based defence systems can’t defend modern warfares, which are operated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics.
  • For the first time in India and many times, globally rogue forces have adopted cutting-edge technologies such as UAVs, Smart Swarms, etc.
  • Jammu Air Base on June 27th was attacked by such technologies to drop explosives next to the Mi-17 hangar.
  • Capable of real-time situational awareness, Indrajaal comprises all current weapons suite and infrastructure along with a honeycombed cell structure to provide a seamlessly built over a combination of 9-10 technologies for 24×7 persistent monitoring, tracking and action.